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After releasing our first LP on 264 Records with a local artist and a small budget, we aspired to release our second EP with our first international artist (CEE) in a big way.

Being a homegrown, young label from Dubai, we sought out some professional help on structuring the label from the ground up and going about the release in a more professional manner.

Luckily, that's how we came across Steffi (Musik Matter). Steffi helped us in organizing everything from A-Z, from formal contracts with the artists, to setting up the right online distribution channels and putting down a robust release schedule, to ensure we got the exposure and airtime we wanted for our release & budget.

This has now positioned us to follow the same structure and formula for all our future releases, and it's all thanks to the tools and guidance given to us by Steffi!                                                                                                                                             

Mo, Rishab, Danilo & Youssef, label owners @ 264 Records  


Steph (musikmatter) is one of the realest and warmest people I’ve ever met in the music industry. 

She is capable of seeing situations from various angles and always finds a professional solution and really cares about the artist. 

Steph has impressed me endless times with her talent and really knows how to navigate difficult situations using great communication and wording skills. 

I deeply appreciate her professionality, honesty and personality. 

sarah farina - artist, producer, activist & label manager 

Working with Musik Matter has been instrumental to our Creator Base 2019 event, where we flew 14 artists to Berlin from all across the globe. 
From helping us ahead of time by sharing her insights into what artists need during their stay in a strange country, to making all the artists feel at home during the event, Steph has been a great help and made all our lives easier, and the stay for the artist a lot more pleasant!
Mick Benjamin, community manager @ native Iistruments 


Steffi came to work as project manager on my symphony a few months before the release when I needed immediate help across all sides. Creative, management, label admin, strategies, marketing and bookings. And she nailed it all. She also mentored me and helped to bring back my confidence in my vision for the project. She does what she says, has taken all the stress away, and now I'm back in the studio again feeling good. Worth an entire team!                                                                

emika - musician, composer, label boss. producer



Stephanie is an incredibly professional and organized booking agent and label manager. She is knowledgeable about all aspects of the music business and this along with being approachable and down-to-earth make her excellent to work with. Her communication and customer service skills are second-to-none, and her in-depth understanding and passion for music is unparallelled.

compa, producer & dj



It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Steph in several capacities including managerial, booking support and advancing. Not only does she conduct all business with great expertise and skill, she also manages to find a warm and friendly approach to all inquiries - super important when you take on someone to rep your brand! From approaching work with an open-mind to giving us invaluable industry advice, we always come away from a meeting, phone call or email from Steph with a huge smile on our faces.

sicaria soundartists, producers & label owners @ cutcross records 


We got in touch with Steph @musik matter early on when we first started our mastering studio and wanted some advice on dealing with a situation.  We have since seeked out her advice on numerous other occations for studio as well as artistic related issues that pop up now and then. 


She is one who firstly understands your struggles, and helps you find the solutions by asking some very relevant questions. 


She is amazing at removing the haze that blocks your vision from where you'd like to go helping you realize what it is you want and has given nothing else but imeccable advice when asked.  Steph is a gift and we do not hesitiate in highly recommend her services to anyone in the music biz who might have any issues ranging from simple admin stuff to highly sensitive geopolitical ones that requires the utmost sensitivity and care.

Queer Ear Mastering, mastering house


It is an absolute pleasure working with Stephanie at Musik Matter. 

She has been great in advising me on all questions regarding running and managing my label, dealing with all questions of production, distribution and promotion.

Being deep rooted in the music culture and industry she is the perfect partner to get your music to reach out to the people that matter.

orson, producer, dj, label boss & promoter @ Version, Berlin



Working with Steph is an absolute pleasure. Always meeting deadlines and approaching each project professionally, Steph has the ability to make it a relaxed and enjoyable journey. Communication is a key strength, on discussing each step I always feel confident that all points will be followed up. Added note "without her detailed spreadsheets I'm not sure where I'd be!"                                   

dj stryda, producer, dj & promoter, teachings in dub


It's very useful to work with Musik Matter.  Steph gave me lots of interesting information, in a really warm and trustful atmosphere.

The information has broadened my view of the music industry and helped my self organization.

Hopeully leading to a more professional increased artist profile.

Also the consulting goes above and beyond as the personal touch means she is approachable for questions.                           

justus, artist, producer: djastes music 


Deep Medi has grown as a family and a business since Steph took over as label manager. Communication and Operations run smooth, a joy to be around. Best move I made!


mala, artist, boss @ deep medi musik & dmz


Steffi is one of those rare people who embodies the passion and ethos of their business mission to elevate and support music professionals in a cheerful manner. Her honesty, communication and creativity has been priceless to both my artistry and record label. Her vast experience in the music industry and love of helping others cannot be understated. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with and a valuable part of my extended team. Cannot recommend the services of Musik Matter highly enough.

Chris, artist & label owner @ Subclef Records


I needed some business support when my long suffering Office Manager left. Within a couple of weeks Steph had introduced new systems that simplified our admin procedures.

Working with Steffi felt like we were trying to achieve the same thing, she was always looking to make work easier. Her professional but friendly communication and organisation meant I could concentrate on the studio without distractions.

jason, mastering engineer & owner @ transition mastering



Steph is the kind of team player every team captain wants on the pitch.

Hard working, loyal, creative thinking, finds effective solutions to problems thrown at her. Great in front of clients, manages her team & tasks with efficiency and a great energy. Her personality lifts the mood in any environment. Steph would normally be the first into the office and the last to leave. Works hard and will not move from her given position on the pitch unless instructed to do so, or to go and help a colleague in need of support. If you are looking to work with someone, take it from me, snap her up before someone else does.

greg forster, md, clear channel


I had the pleasure of working with Steph for several years in London. Steph is a joy to be around. She brings with her a never-ending supply of positive, infectious energy & is a constant source of inspiration, fun, giggles and warmth for all who have the fortune to cross her path. An open, generous leader and team player - she encourages others to express their true nature & ignites those around her with enthusiasm, fun and confidence. Other words that describe Steph to me are.... organised, original, smart, funny, brave, outgoing, friendly, pleasant, confident, beautiful, cheerful, kind, honest, trustworthy, helpful, creative, musical, generous, grateful & entertaining.                                                                                                       

jon wheelergeneral manager, verifone 


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